Clinics & Services

All of the doctors provide maternity, contraceptive, minor surgical and child health surveillance services.

  • Minor Surgery - a clinic is run every 4-6 weeks, usually in the afternoon. Most minor skin lesions can be dealt with. Patients are usually referred to the clinic by one of the doctors in the Practice.
  • Joint Injections - some of the doctors are able to perform joint injections in the Practice. These are done in normal surgery time, and patients can be referred by any of the doctors in the Practice. Drs Matheson and Taylor can provide more detailed information on the particular joint injections available
  • Wart Clinic - a clinic is run every 4-6 weeks. Warts are usually treated with Liquid Nitrogen at the clinic. Patients can make an appointment directly via reception or can be referred by any of the doctors in the Practice.

Practice Nurses run clinics for routine monitoring of coronary heart disease, diabetes, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/Asthma

These are separate clinics which are run on a regular basis in the Practice. The Practice Nurse will review your respiratory condition and advise on any new treatment or care plan if required.

Coronary Heart Disease

All patients with heart disease are invited to attend this clinic. The Practice Nurse will assess/review your condition and advise on any amendments to your medications/care. Appointments for this clinic are available at regular intervals.


We hold a clinic on a regular basis. Our Practice Nurse will review your diabetic medication and care at regular intervals. Onward referral to the local hospital diabetic clinic may be required in certain situations. Chiropody and annual diabetic eye screening are advised for all diabetic patients and these are dealt with outwith the Practice.

Diabetes - Live it Highland

Elderly Patients

All patients over 75 years of age are encouraged to have an annual medical assessment.

Child Health Surveillance

Appointments can be booked with the GP for a baby's 6 week child development check.  For a baby's 8 week routine immunisations, appointments can be booked with a Practice Nurse.

For other routine childhood immunisations, appointments are available to be booked with our Practice Nurses.

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